The paper and toner on the paper are heated by a fuser assembly. The toner is melted onto the paper, which absorbs the toner, to retain the image on the paper. This forms the permanent image that comes out of the printer and also explains why printed papers are warm when they exit the printer.

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pandora necklaces The age standardised mortality rates were estimated separately for vascular and non vascular causes for men and women in these age groups.Whitehall study populationData were collected from 19019 men aged 40 69 who were working in the civil service in London when they were first examined between September 1967 and January 1970.6 7 Participation in the study involved the completion of a questionnaire and a medical examination to record height, weight, and blood pressure; to undergo electrocardiography and lung function tests; and to have a blood sample collected for measurement of blood total cholesterol and glucose concentrations. The questionnaire included questions about symptoms, medical history, smoking habits, civil service employment grade, and marital status. Employment grades were categorised into three groups: administrative, professional, or executive; clerical; and other unskilled manual jobs pandora necklaces.