Because of that, it should be a really, really interesting game.”Berry was reluctant to talk in detail about those matchups.His comment about different systems goes against the conventional wisdom that the teams are similar defensively since Georgia coordinator Jeremy Pruitt came from Alabama’s staff.”Georgia’s going to base out of a one high shell and Alabama’s going to base out of a two high shell,” Berry said. “They try to cancel out gaps up front in the run game in different ways and then obviously the pass game is all kind of predicated on one high and two high and so I don’t see a lot of similarities along those lines.”Alabama coach Nick Saban had this to say about facing a Georgia team that has Pruitt, outside linebackers coach Kevin Sherrer, offensive line coach Rob Sale and strength director Mark Hocke, all that were at Alabama: “I’m always happy to see guys that do a good job for us get better opportunities, especially in a quality program with a quality coach like Mark and Georgia. You always know that they know a lot about what you do and how you do it.

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